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Mobile Therapists, Inc. provides the entire spectrum of outpatient rehabilitation services, ranging from general rehabilitation care including physical therapy, occupational therapy.

To round out our services, Mobile Therapists, Inc also offers rehabilitation for patients who are seeking in home therapy services.

Thanks to our diverse offering of physical rehabilitation services, this means Mobile Therapists, Inc can care for any patient whose medical condition or injury—no matter how severe—has impacted their ability to walk, communicate, perform daily activities, or function at their normal levels of strength and endurance.

  • meeting in your home or workplace --no commuting, parking, or waiting
  • greater schedule flexibility and time savings
  • enhanced confidentiality
  • accessibility for those unable to leave home
  • greater understanding of how you live and work
  • improved reliability/ consistency of participation enhanced comfort
  • the best way to provide services --I wouldn't do it any other way