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You Have Reached the Therapists

That Come to You!

Lymphedema Therapy

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Occupational Therapy

You Have Reached the Therapists That Come to You!

We are specialists in providing physical therapy, Lymphedema Therapy and occupational therapy to seniors in their home in North County and Temecula area.


Mobile Therapists, Inc.

We are dedicated to committing quality physical, occupational and Lymphedema therapy services through trustworthy relationships with patient, family member, and medical professional in the community. Our Devoted team of therapists are committed to design programs for assisting individuals to achieve the maximum level of function in their environment.

Quality Standards

We love to help improve the quality of life and work-life balance of our clients. Whether it's with individuals, families or children. We make our clients feel comfortable and understood, thoroughly assess their issues and concerns and collaborate with them to find the solutions in a timely manner.

  • Meeting in your home or workplace --no commuting, parking, or waiting
  • Greater schedule flexibility and time savings
  • Enhanced confidentiality
  • Accessibility for those unable to leave home
  • Greater understanding of how you live and work
  • Improved reliability/ consistency of participation enhanced comfort
  • The best way to provide services --I wouldn't do it any other way



  • Lymphedema is chronic swelling caused by a build-up of fluid that occurs when the lymphatic system is either faulty or damaged
  • An estimated 3-5 million Americans suffer from lymphedema — including many that are undiagnosed or undertreated. That is more than ALS, Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, and Parkinson’s Disease combined.
  • Most physicians in the United States are taught about the lymphatic system for 1 hour or less during their 4 years of medical school training.
  • There is no known cure for lymphedema, but it can be effectively treated. Compression therapy is the most critical component of treatment. Without it, patients are at increased risk for complications and disability.
  • Medicare, and many private insurance policies do NOT cover compression garments, wraps, or bandages — the supplies needed for compression therapy.
  • The Lymphedema Treatment Act is a bill, currently in Congress, that aims to improve insurance coverage for compression supplies, allowing lymphedema patients to maintain a healthy and productive life.